Infinity Event Group is a perfect choice for social events with its wide spectrum of services. You will get everything from food to event management with Infinity Event Group. We take special care of your guests. That’s the reason we are the most popular choice in Ontario when it comes to social events.

Be it a corporate barbeque, a team building event, or a family fun day, Infinite Event Group will prove to be the right choice. Our venue is perfect for any kind of social event.
We can easily modify layout to suit your requirements. You can also work personally with our event designer to have your own style imprinted on the entire event. If you want to leave it to our creative team, they will definitely come up with something amazing.

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We help you make social events as special as possible with our exquisite food. We have top chefs in Canada.

These chefs have years of experience with different specialties that they have developed over time. They will prepare every dish with special love. As far as setting the menu is concerned, we will help you pick dishes of your choice from the widest possible menu listing. You can even ask for outdoor food stations and bar arrangements. We can even arrange bar inside the hall. In the end, it all comes down to your choice.

We know that social events needs the special kind of buzz around. Music, large screens, and everything that falls within entertainment can be a part of social event you are trying to organize.

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All you have to do is to tell us details and we will prepare everything accordingly. We have the best sound system with HIFI audio. We will also arrange LCDs if you want to make that a part of your event.

Our large capacity halls are perfect for indoor events. But if you want to host your event in the outdoors, we have got appropriate halls for that. You will just need to inform us in time so that arrangements can be made. We can host as many guests as many you want to invite.

Our halls are perfectly decorated according to the event. We will first decide a theme for the event.

Our event manager will sit with you in person to finalize the theme so that you are a part of it. Once finalized, our decorators and designers will start doing the interior design work. The final output will be nothing less than brilliant!
One of our strong points is our affordable rate. You will be able to pick the best deals only with us.

We ensure that you won’t possibly get the value we are offering anywhere else in the market. So if you are on tight budget but still want to host the best ever event, you have to book with Infinity Event Group.

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We understand that you want to have a perfect day when you are a part of a social event. You wouldn’t want to spend the entire day looking for someone to take care of things on your part. Our event manager will be available. He will be working with you all the day so that you can have all the time to enjoy the event instead of worrying about arrangements.

Without a doubt, Infinity Event Group is the right choice for any kind of event, be it an outdoor bonanza or an indoor corporate lunch. You will always find the best deals and packages with us. Our food and catering is appreciated throughout the country. In short, you will get the best value for your money with us.

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The Infinity Event Group will host your most memorable Social Event

We take great pride in providing the highest quality Food and Event Halls situated all around the Greater Toronto Area

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